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Aura is 5. This is one momentous moment for me right now as Aura completes a 5 year term today. Hitting the pentad mile or, in other words, crossing half a decade was the first aim with which this journey began and we have successfully achieved that goal. A wondrous painting begins with a single inspired stroke of the brush. It was one such inspired vision that served as a stepping stone to the magnificent reality that Aura is today.

As part of the ongoing debate between realists and idealists regarding who would succeed as an entrepreneur, I dared to lean towards ideals and dream a dream: To make Aura the ultimate hub of employee and client satisfaction. While many might declare this as an attempt to have the cake and eat it too, Aura has succeeded in achieving this mission by finding the right balance between satisfying the needs of the clients and the benefactors of its services.

Hierarchy, in this organization, is applicable only in theory and becomes redundant as individuals are seen in terms of the immense potential inherent in them and the invaluable contribution each of them make. Aura understands that Kings have died and being the ‘Jack of all trades’ is the surest way to win the card game of Mediclaim services. Hence, all employees get to experience varied functions across departments to broaden their horizons of knowledge and expertise. Growth is thus a guarantee in a challenging work atmosphere that keeps its promise to equip you to become multifaceted.

AURA-9 newVenturing into novel areas are not risks but habits for us. Mistakes are viewed as inevitabilities that are legitimate learning platforms. My aim, thus, has been to create a work atmosphere that is conducive to the fastest increase in the growth trajectory in terms of the employee’s knowledge and career. Micro management is an outdated myth here. The management is not menacing, nor do we impose dreaded individual targets but our ultimate goal is to tap talents by means of achievable team targets. Friendly mentors and a good ambience makes work as enjoyable as a high school basketball match as the entire team strives to basket the ball and make the victory happen. Similarly, each individual, the captain of their own ship, i.e., their sphere of work, as well as a member of a team, sails with enthusiasm and determination to slowly but surely reach the destination.

My focus is to induce this energy and spirit, while ensuring sustainable growth. Our recent expansion into the IT sector is yet another reflection of our growth oriented mindset that is open to joint ventures. We are not evanescent fly- by- night operators nor are we gold miners. Our hope is to offer our medical billing services to a broader population and experience steady and stable growth. This is the reason we do not leave things half-done like the man who is driven solely by profit. Instead, we make ‘Honesty’ and ‘Integrity’ our hearty Mantras to ensure that there is absolutely no compromise in quality, for we are content only when the customer is completely satisfied.

AURA-31Job security is no more a Utopian desire but a “given’’ as our salary standards are arguably the best in the market. Unlike the cold, commercial manner in which any capitalist organization is portrayed, our company understands Work-life balance and assists with the employees’ personal problems, accommodating the consequences of these with sufficient time to bounce back. Revenues are shared with the employees as the management has the courage to take the blows when we hit the rare lows. The timely appraisals and bonus, without a single event of failure to do so, for five consecutive years are impressive testimonies to our value of prioritizing employee satisfaction! This immense focus on delivering the extraordinary alone and nothing less, to its clients and employees, has kept Aura motivated and rendered our error margins almost negligible.

As we hit the 5 year milestone, I find an opportunity to render my hearty thanks to the core team that walked by my side for an entire decade, believing in my vision when I did and believing in it even more when I had my moments of doubt. The celebration would be incomplete without expressing my immense gratitude to all my staff, who are the bricks that have helped build this mansion. It is due to the constant endeavors of my admirable colleagues that, from the single stroke of its creation, Aura has become a beautiful painting on a canvas that contains delightful faces parading their victory today, with creases of conviction showing their tireless spirit to move forward and many dreams that were considered castles in the air stand today, tall, proud and undeniably rock solid.

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